The DC Tool Library is run by Green Neighbors DC for the Department of Parks and Recreation.

This is a free, volunteer-run community resource. We manage a library of tools (and more) from which our members can borrow for a week at a time for free. We also have items to give away such as screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and paintbrushes.

You can see our open locations here. Our mission is to have a library in every ward!

Most of our tools are donated by community members. You don’t have to be a member to donate, and you don’t have to donate to be a member!

Here are just some items that are available. Sign up to see our full inventory.

  • Construction Tools
    • drills
    • circular saws
    • tile-cutting saws
    • sanders
    • crowbars
    • hammers
    • shop vacs
  • Gardening Tools
    • hedge trimmers
    • pruners
    • leaf, nut, and fruit grabbers
    • hoes
    • shovels
    • mini-greenhouses
    • gardening books
  • Camping and Cooking Gear
    • tarps
    • lanterns
    • camping shovel
    • sleeping bag
    • ice cream maker
    • induction stovetops
    • solar ovens
    • snowcone machine
  • Homesteading
    • animal traps
    • cat toys
    • beekeeping equipment
  • Misc
    • plumbing snakes
    • wrenches
    • files
    • screwdrivers
    • clamps
    • headlamps
    • woodworking tools
    • dollies