Twin Oaks

Once you have registered for an account, you must reserve tools in AssetTiger before picking them up. Your tools are due back one week from when you checked them out. If no one has reserved the tool for use after that, you can renew for a week.

Pick up and return tools during our open hours which vary and are posted on the calendar below.

The Twin Oaks library is open for pick up and drop off during select times in the week:

  • Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm
  • Saturday 11am-noon
  • Sunday 4-5pm

For pick up and drop off outside of those times, please check the calendar to see when our volunteers will be there. We’re working each week on getting enough volunteers to start filling out times.

You can request a specific time by emailing us and we’ll see if one our on-call volunteers is available.

Lederer Gardens

The tools at Lederer Gardens are not in AssetTiger yet, but you are welcome to swing by during open hours to browse the inventory and check out tools.

Overdue Items

If you do not return items by their due date, you will owe a $1/day late fee. This ensures other community members are able to get the most out of the tool library. These fees also help us acquire more tools and expand the program to other wards.

Returning Tools

Tools must be returned clean or there will be a $5 cleaning fee.

Do not leave items at the gate or throw them over the fence. Always make sure you are coming to the library during open hours when someone will be there to check in your tools.