First, we would like to share that we exceeded our fundraising goal by an incredible amount thanks to all of our donors, including those who donated tools. We have replaced many of the stolen tools and will be adding even more to our inventory in the coming weeks. Thank you so much!

In addition, we now have a security system protecting our inventory.

As we prepare to add more open hours, it would be extremely helpful if you filled out this short survey. We want to become as useful and accessible as possible.

Our reservation process is changing so please read the new procedure here

In summary, you do not have to tell us when you are coming in and what you are picking up. Just make sure you arrive during the open hours marked on our calendar and reserve your items in AssetTiger before coming to pick them up.

Lastly, the Twin Oaks building is scheduled for a roof repair and other renovations soon. Please check the calendar to see when we will be closed while those improvements are being made.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

DC Tool Librarians

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